Accessories For Your Glass Bell Jar Vacuum Chamber

It seems like there are one million uses for glass bell jars vacuum chamber. But if you are worried about being cost effective in your research, you should strongly consider using glass bell jar as an alternative to the more expensive metal. Many institutions such a public schools and colleges all over the world have found this to be a suitable option. Let’s explore some precautions that you should take when using glass instead of metal and some accessories that you may want to purchase.

There are several precautions that you may want to take when you are using glass bell jars. The first is that glass does break (obviously). This means that you must take extra effort to care for your glass jar chamber. It also means that regular inspections of your chamber is necessary. If you see large bubbles, deep cracks or even thin cracks that are more than 1 inch long, then you should think about purchasing a new chamber.

Some accessories that you may want to purchase include glass bell jar guards and gaskets. The guard is a highly important safety precaution. If you are working with glass, sometimes eye protection is not enough. If the glass chamber were to break, your entire body may be hit with shards of sharp glass. A glass bell jar guard will protect you and those around you if this were ever to occur. Plus, the design of the guard will still allow you to see what is happening inside of the chamber.

If you are worried about a strong vacuum, you can enhance the strength of the low pressure environment by using a gasket. Gaskets are often inexpensive (as little as $35 for an 8 inch diameter model) and they will do a lot as far as ensuring that your vacuum chamber is strong.

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2 Responses to Accessories For Your Glass Bell Jar Vacuum Chamber

  1. bill quaintance says:

    i am unable to locate vacuum sealant grease for a glass bell jar and hand pump (low pressure) that i can unseal often without much effort in clean up. storage of materials used daily to weekly thank you

  2. Martina says:

    Hi Bill, we review new products everyday and add here the special offers we find.
    I will look further to find the product you are looking for and I encourage every supplier who provides what you need, to leave a comment or contact us.
    Please subscribe to our rss feed so you will always receive all the new reviews in your email!

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