Photostability Chamber With Temperature Control

Osworld scientific equipments pvt ltd is offering photostability chamber with temperature control, model jric – 11b.

This is specially designed and developed to meet ich and fda requirements for photo stability testing. This photostability chamber can carry out uv and visible light testing simultaneously.

This photostability vacuum chamber double walled having effective insulation in between. It has key lockable outer door and inner glass viewing door.
The photostability chamber is having cfc free compressor, which incorporates r 134a eco friendly refrigerant to achieve efficient cooling. It consists of flange motor with impeller / blower for effective air circulation.

The photostability is stuffed with several safety features including high temperature safety cut off, ,electrical overload cutoff relay for compressor, time delay for compressor switch on and electrical circuit breaker.

Other key features of this photostability chamber are as follows:

  • Calibrated photon detectors measure lamp intensity on the product shelf.
  • Lamp intensity and exposure level are displayed by digital light meter.
  • Microprocessor based pid control
  • Direct capacitance type rh sensor
  • Fitted with castor wheels
  • Provided with ss wire mesh heavy duty trays
  • Operates on 230v / 15a / 50 hz
  • Digital led 3 digit display Temperature sensor: pt – 100
  • Fluorescent light with door switch for chamber illumination

Suppliers Name: Osworld Scientific Equipments Pvt Ltd.
Telephone No.: 91-22-28320880

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    we always use the Koten brand of circuit breakers at home and they are good~~:

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