Vacuum ball valve, NW25

Vacuum ball valve, NW25

Vacuum ball valve, NW25 Rating:
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  • Vacuum Ball Valves
  • Excellent in applications where fast action and full bore pumping are needed
  • Rugged design for dirty system use
  • Corrosion resistant316L stainless steel with PTFE seats
  • Leak rate better than 1 x 106 mbar/sec (8 x 107 Torr/sec)
  • Temp range: 41 to 149°F (5 to 65°C) ambient
  • Connections: NW25
  • Operating range: 10-6 to 7 bar (8 x 10-7 to 5250 Torr)
  • Manufacturer number: C36000200
  • Model: C36000200
  • Part Number: AO-79302-65
  • Package Quantity: EA

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Special Offerts Vacuum ball valve, NW25
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