Vacuum chamber: 54929-051

A vacuum chamber include a clear jar, a neoprene gasket and a vacuum plate with adapter for 1/4″ I.D. tubing.
The Vacuum chamber 54929-051 has a polycarbonate jar and white polypropylene plate.
It is destined uniquely for applications utilizing nonaggressive chemicals like student demonstrations of vacuum processes.
Vacuum chamber 54929-062 and -084 have pale amber polyetherimide jars with wonderful chemical resistance to acids, bases, aliphatic alcohols and hydrocarbons, and saturated halogenated hydrocarbons; plates are white polycarbonate.
Replacement parts are of course available. Polyetherimide vacuum jars are chemically-resistant and have an amber cast.

Vacuum plates, for use with jars or glass bell jars up to 31.8cm (121/2″) in diameter, are supplied with 0.24cm (3/32″) thick gaskets.
Tubing adapter that fits 1/4″ I.D. tubing is easily settled on rim of plate. Even the replacement gaskets are available.

Note: Do not autoclave these jars when used for a vacuum service. Do not use with unsaturated halogenated hydrocarbons.
Vacuum chamber include jar, gasket, and plate.

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